Cleaning your car’s leather seats with a leather brush can be an effective way to remove dirt and grime buildup, and to maintain the leather’s appearance and durability.

Here are the steps to follow when using a leather brush to clean your car’s interior:

1. First, vacuum the seats to remove any loose dirt and debris.

2. Dip the leather brush into a bucket of warm water mixed with a small amount of gentle leather cleaner. And avoid using harsh cleaners or chemicals that can damage the leather.

3. Gently scrub the leather seats in circular motions, focusing on any areas with visible dirt or stains. But be careful not to scrub too hard, as this can damage the leather.

4. After scrubbing, use a clean, damp microfiber cloth to wipe away the cleaning solution from the seats.

5. Once you have removed all the cleaning solution, then use another clean microfiber cloth to dry the seats. And make sure to remove as much moisture as possible to avoid water stains on the leather.

7. Repeat this process on the remaining sections of the car seat until the entire seat is clean.

8. To finish, apply a leather conditioner to the seats using a clean cloth. This will help to moisturize and protect the leather, preventing it from drying out or cracking.

Using a leather brush to clean your car’s leather seats is an effective way to keep them looking clean and well-maintained. Most bristles used on car leather brush are horse hair or nano microfiber. Horse hair is soft and not scratch the leather. The most important is the bristles are durable and chemical-resistant when clean with cleaners, also easy to produce many foam even though with little cleaners. Horse hair leather brush can clean seat hidden corners, seat surface and interior other leather. The nano fiber brush made with sponge handle, bottom with nano fiber, ultra soft to clean leather surface. But the scrubbing not better like horse hair brush. Light duty cleaning can be nano leather brush, heavy duty cleaning will be horse hair leather brush.

Remember to use gentle, non-abrasive cleaning products, and to be careful not to damage the leather while scrubbing.