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  • 5pcs Soft Scratch Free Auto Detailing Cleaning Brush Set

    5pcs Soft Scratch Free Auto Detailing Cleaning Brush Set

    Basic Information:

    • Materials: Beech hard wood and boar bristles
    • Sizes: #10 #12 #14 #16 #18
    • Color: red or customized


    • Premium boar head bristles
    • Bristles not fall off if clean with chemical liquids
    • Multipurpose
    • Reach deep into small and tight spaces such as thin wheel spokes, slatted grilles, lug nuts, engine bays, and exhaust tips


    Why need these brushes?

    • Smallest cracks need a suitable tool to clean.
    • Four different sizes because one size doesn’t always fit all
    • Easy clean through wheel spokes,door jambs,engine bays,air-conditioner and exhaust tips.
    • Wheels, rims, grilles, vents, brakes, exhausts, and other narrow spaces will work great.
    • Suitable boar head bristles won’t scratch sensitive surfaces like coating.
    • Available for interior and exterior cleaning.



    The Car Detailing Brush is made of pig hair mixed chemical fiber is very flexible and not easy to lose hair.